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what did i just click on...?

Hi! Okay so i know this is pretty random and you're probably confused as to why you clicked on some scrappy, mostly-blank website. Allow me to explain:

At the beginning of this year, i had the most downtime i had ever experienced since 2013. When i moved down to SD it was the first time in what felt like forever that i wasn't being pulled in all directions, by work, school, a long distance boyfriend, family obligations, etc. i wish i could say that i did all of the things, read all the books, pinterested all the crafts, finally got my middle splits, but for a good two months i drank lots of kombucha, watched over 90 movies, and spent two hours at the gym everyday and the rest in bed. I think i needed to get all of that out before i felt like i could be productive..almost like i needed to exhale two months of laziness and gluttony.

Since then, we have entered in uncharted pandemic territory and i have dabbled in a little bit of everything, from graphic design to ballet to coding .i first made this website, not entirely sure what i would do with it, only knowing that it was fun to design and daydream about what kinds of things i could chronicle in my little, half-baked webpage. Im still not entirely sure what this is but i do know that i miss people. My people, especially. But im terrible at showing it and just keeping in touch in general. I wrote a bit about this on the “about” page, but really i just want this to be a fun way to keep you all updated and part of my life in a way that's interactive and offers, perhaps, a strange, yet  charming level of intimacy despite the distance between us. You can expect a biweekly (maybe?) update of what's happening in my little world, from big events to funny things ive seen driving from work. It’s outside of my comfort zone and a bit narcissistic, this whole thing, but i hope it cultivates connection and conversation that would have otherwise been undiscovered.

Some Thoughts: 

1. No joke, i have thought about this little pupper’s leg and foot situation nonstop (bryan can attest to this) .There is something about its clumsy connectedness that gets me; it gives me the same feeling when i see a chubby baby’s foot! Now that i think of it...this strange fascination just clarifies that i find this particular stage of foot/paw development-- the one where they have a fully formed foot, but it's not quite ready to take on a set of stairs or rugged terrain-- in both babies and puppies so cute and funny. 

2. This is the worst name for what i can only assume is a frozen yogurt place that i pass on my way to work. 

"yogurt on the rocks"

3. In the past few weeks i have watched a few adam sandler movies. 50 First Dates is still the best one hands down, change my miiiind!!

4. I don’t really have the supplies (or motivation, lets be honest) to create very often. Yeah yeah, i know i sound like a part-time struggling artist part-time barista from echo park complaining about not being able to connect to any good vibes that inspire their artistic journey...but, i have realized recently how good it feels to tap into that creative mindset! When i made this cheese board to surprise bryan with, i felt a little of that creative spirit jump in me. I find it really exciting that anything can be a form of art. 

5. Listen to “where is my mind” by the Pixies. It’s the end song in Fight Club and for some reason has made a resurgence in my life playlist. 

thx for catching up

kb <3


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