"Which of all my important nothings shall I tell you first?"

welcome to my little corner of the world—

think of this as a public diary of sorts. a place where i can unload my thoughts, write silly film reviews, collect confidence boosting outfits or dump obscure camera roll pics to revisit when im 60 to see the ways i have hopefully grown from my current dazed & confused, 23-year-old self.

BUT most importantly 

i have recently (especially in quarantine) found that i am the worst when it comes to "keeping in touch" or updating people close to me. i mean unless i have my phone in my hand when the thought crosses my mind to check in on someone, it just wont happen! im hoping this page will provide an entertaining alternative for my loved ones to feel more involved in the minutiae of my everyday life that i often forget to mention in our facetime catch-ups. and hey, maybe on the way you will find companionship in the ramblings or nostalgia in the snapshots, or even just a newfound beckoning to be there for each other in the small, perhaps important nothings of life.